December 12, 2010

In the mood for some disco..

"I like my music very fruity. Lots of percussion, lots of silly effects,". "But I still need that dubbiness and spaciousness. It's a strange combination."

...Ive found myself really craving listening to disco over the last few days, so another master of his craft, Todd Terje! Perfect music to get freakky to!! enjoy..

Micro mutek coming back to BCN

"Much like its parent festival in Montreal, micro Mutek presents a series of visually-enhanced electronic performances at a handful of venues around the city. This year will have an added portion for industry professionals, with three days of free panels and interviews, on topics ranging from "economic and creative dimensions of festivals" to "international diffusion""

This'll be really good!! Artists include Actress, Ikonika, Dixon, Isolee and Frivolous over three days this coming february! Dixon is really on form at the moment and i continue to see his name pop up around Barcelona more and more this year. From what ive read alot of the djs will be playing at Moog club and the free panels and interviews will be at the vinyl boutique 'Disco Paradiso'.

Full artist list..

Actress, Adyo, Boris Chimp 504, Bowly, Coque, Dixon, Fernando Lagreca, Fiat600, DJ Fra, Frivolous, Gramofon  (live), Landescape, Lucius Works Here + Oxxlabb, Microfeel, Nerone, Sebastian Bruno, The Suicide of Western Culture, Vaghe Stelle.

November 26, 2010

Dixon at Becool 5/12

For almost 20 years, Dixon has been one of the main protagonists of house music in Berlin.

The last time I heard him play was at the fabric birthday in October where he played an amazing set straight after Luciano.  He was also my favourite from Sonar this year and now he's playing at Becool at the beginning of December!

Quality house music through and through.. enjoy this quite recent FOUR HOUR recording with him playing b2b with ANA then get your ass to Becool on the 5th Dec!

ANA & Dixon Live @ Harry Klein Club, München - 29-10-2010

I thank Dixon for his music! There is a certain spacey emotion in his music that seems to touch me each time he plays and reminds me I love house music!!!!

November 04, 2010

In-Edit Beefeater Music Film Festival

Now in its 7th year.. this music film festival, happening in Barcelona this week, is going from strength to strength! With so many documentaries from every side of the musical spectrum there will definitely be something to keep any discerning music lover on the edge of their seat!

These documentaries cover legends from Depeche Mode to the Doors, John Lennon to Brian Eno. It also shows films giving an insight into important movements in musical history like the Notting Hill Carnival and the roots of Soul music.

One cheeky film which we will definitely be attending is entitled "High on Hope". This film shows the highs and lows of the Rave revolution that kicked off in the UK in the late 80s.. heres the trailer..

"This is the vibrant and definitive documentary of the underground rave revolution, as revealed by its anonymous heroes (housewives, workers, dealers and DJs); of the turning point when acid house ceased to be a local underground phenomenon and became a worldwide cultural explosion"

Tickets are only €6 per film
The Central Box Office has changed location. It's now at Calle Muntaner, 24

November 02, 2010

We love Prins Thomas!!

 Prins Thomas DJ Mix Munich April 2008

A dug out set from 2008, this is space-disco party music that will put a smile on anybodys face! The second part to this part is on the left "listening to now"!! If your liking this then the Todd Terje night coming up in Barcelona on the 7th Nov is a must!! Needless to say thats where I'll be :)

October 26, 2010

Artist Tip: Ramadanman / Pearson Sound

Long overdue for a mention on bambam!! 20 year old David Kennedy aka Ramadanman is quickly becoming one of my favourite producers on the planet. His stripped down rhythms that exist somehow between house and dubstep show off his obsession and mastery of sound quality! I love this kind of open music, no matter what bpm, this can be mixed so freely with other music and can be played with so much! The rhythms dance around other tracks playfully whilest still having them bassy beats that can rip through any soundsystem. So dancable and so clear it sounds like high definition sound - Its an honour to mix such tracks, thank you Ramadanman! Here are some of my fave's. The first two some more 4x4 pieces and the last two abit faster and more dubsteppy!  

October 23, 2010

Fabric 55 - Shackleton live

"Details have been unveiled for Fabric 55, this time featuring a live set by acclaimed producer Shackleton.
Since his early records on the now-defunct Skull Disco imprint (which he founded with Appleblim in 2005), Shackleton has been at the vanguard of UK bass music. His dark, often tribal sound evades simple categorization, but as with contemporaries like Burial and Kode9, he is frequently described as dubstep. But much in his catalog suggests something different: his most recent album 3 EPs was released on esteemed modern house imprint Perlon, and two of his most loved tracks were remixes for and by Ricardo Villalobos ("Minimoonstar" and "Blood On My Hands," respectively).

With Fabric 55, Shackleton again joins ranks with Villalobos by delivering a set of entirely his own material. According to a press release, the mix was tailored with the London nightclub in mind, and in fact specifically recalls a recent live performance in Room 1. Shackleton explains: “With the mix I’ve made, I have tried to make a set that would best represent the set I played on that night [at fabric], but minus the mistakes. Some of the tracks are re-jigged versions of older material, some of them are new. Some of them will never see a release in any form aside from this. Some of them are not even tracks just coincidental parts merging with each other between tracks. Those are the best bits actually."

I'll post samples as soon as available! Cant wait to hear, last time i heard shackleton live it he was unbelievable! You can tell he produces his tracks with the dancefloor in mind, relentless hypnotic snake chalmer like rhythms and heavy bass! bliss!

October 14, 2010

In the company of dOP

In preperation for fabric birthday on the weekend we have dOP! Unfortunate for me they are playing at Fabric at midday on Saturday which is when Im likely to still be on my way to the club! But thanks to fabric we have free music and an interview from the dOP themselves..

¨The dOP boys have had a characteristically wild summer. Still reeling from their recently released, highly acclaimed debut album, the band have a bank full of memories of live sets played at some of the most renowned clubs in the world – Pacha in Ibiza, Le Rex in Paris and our very own Farringdon disco to name but a few. Undoubtedly an ideal trio to invite to our colossal birthday bash, the French party professionals will be storming our Room One stage this weekend to give us a sensory overload of what orchestral electronic music can be.

It’s the bands unaffected, emotive take on live house music that excites - a multi-faceted sound finely tuned by the trio’s years of experimentation with jazz, reggae, hip-hop and rock & roll. What with JAW’s (the band’s lead vocalist’s) honeyed, soulful tones coming to the fore accompanied by the alcohol fuelled beat and musical arrangement controllers Clem and Damien, a dOP set famously epitomizes “liveness.”

Lucky for you lot, the dOP trio are just as generous as they are talented. Upon catching up with the boys for a quick chat about their upcoming fabric performance and the warranted success of their latest release, Greatest Hits, they’ve offered us a free download from the album and it’s an absolute boom ting if we do say so ourselves...¨ Sophie Thomas

Congratulations on the recent release of your debut album, Greatest Hits! How has it been received?
Thank you very much. We’ve had a lot of lovely feedback since September. We are touring a lot, playing in the best clubs and parties around the world. People send us a lot of good reactions everywhere. We are having an amazing time. Plus a lot of media are supporting us. People can feel that we love what we do.

The tracks share a somewhat earthly cinematic quality. Where did you draw inspiration for the album, much of its content seems mostly based on visuals and intangible imagery?

We thought about every track like little stories. Even though we sing mostly in English, we have a very French way of building the songs. We are very inspired by French singers like Serge Gainsbourg, Alain Bashung and Jacques Brel from Belgium. This filmic feeling has been reinforced by the arrangements of Emmanuel D'orlando. He writes for cinema, and he’s worked with artists like Sebastien Tellier. He has brought some very cinematic harmonies and instrumentations to the record. He took the album one step further in this direction.

Thanks for the free download of the recently released ‘1 Gram’! There seems to be a bitter-sweet juxtaposition between the self-assured, determined quality of the musical arrangement and JAW’s vulnerable vocal persona – how do you go about bringing together a track like this? What comes first?

This version is the third version of the track at least. Maybe we started it about 2 years ago. It took us a long time to finalize it. But JAW's vocal is the original one, we never did it again. To begin, I think the first idea was a groove - Clem started it a long time ago - and then came JAW's lyrics. When Emmanuel added the orchestra, this feeling was even stronger; it was not an easy feat with the two different energies the track exudes.

Do you enjoy playing at here?

We love to play for fabric like most artists in this scene. It’s great to play for fabric people, their very warm welcome, the club’s great sound, great crowd, afterhours, hotel etc. All the conditions are there to make an amazing weekend. It will be the third time we’ve played at fabric, and it will be for the birthday, with a line-up that dreams are made of; including a lot of friends. So we are very excited for sure, we’ll come with some new music to play for the fabric crowd.

What do you look forward to when you travel to London?

Knowing that we will be very tired the week after! JAW is even leaving before us, to get prepared! Last year we started to feel good playing in London, before it was a hard experience. Playing in shit places… And hanging with the fabric crew and the lo*kee people gave us great inspiration. The UK has a musical culture that’s totally different to ours. We’re starting to discover disco and some other English music we didn't know before. Now it's such a pleasure to come back to London; afterhours at Judy and Derren's places, the influence of Carsten Kleman on our musical culture, the list goes on. London is for many reasons a very forward thinking place and has been for many years.

After countless live performances, how do you manage to capture the feeling of spontaneity that is so inherent in your sets?

Improvisation; it pays to be free when you play. We try not to repeat ourselves too much. Ok, we often play the same tracks, but our lives are built in a way that means that every time the performance will be different. We try to steer clear of planning. It would be annoying for us to prepare in this way. We also sometimes play longer sets, with many different energies; spontaneity is the only way to achieve these things. Of course, this is not possible everywhere.

We also try to add new music as much as we can. Playing a lot also gives you skills, and with these we feel more and more free in our performance.

Would you recommend other electronic artists to embrace the performative quality of your sets, especially in the current climate in which new producers are popping up with such frequency?

For sure, we are in a very creative moment for electronic music. Bands like Caribou or Nôze are excellent and unique, Matias Aguyao and the Innervisions crew also. There are so many good DJs pushing great and versatile music today, it's more and more open.

Don’t you ever get tired of all this partying?

Like everybody, we get tired sometimes. But when the music starts, the feeling fades...

See you Sunday at 00h!

October 07, 2010

Perlon - Superlongevity Five

A label needing no introduction with anybody who buys house and techno records is about to release the fifth in their Superlongevity series with a massive 28 tracks over 7 vinyl. My two favourite tracks being ¨Maratrax - Sticky Fingers¨ and ¨Markus Nikolai - The Clock Staring At Me¨.

Artists on the release include Ricardo Villalobos, Matt John, Dandy Jack, Thomas Melchior, Baby Ford, Cassy, Tobias Freund, Soulphiction, Stefan Goldmann, STL, Half Hawaii (AKA Sammy Dee and Bruno Pronsato),  Matthew Dear,   ¨Label founders Markus Nikolai and Franzmann both contribute as well, with the latter appearing under his Dimbiman guise¨

Heres some samples.. CLICK

October 03, 2010

14 Tracks - An Electronic Jazz Infusion

Again another excellent selection of tracks for you from the Boomkat crew.. Recommended for fan´s of Mount Kimbie..


October 01, 2010

Allen & Heath new Xone Revealed: DB4

I think anybody else who fell in love with the original xone 92 has to share my feeling of excitement along with alot of skepticism when finding out about the new xone mixer was being released. Allen and Heath are yet to release full details but from what Ive read from other sources the best new features are..

  • 4 Sends/Returns (This is probably my favourite as Ive been wanting more than 2 sends on the mixer for some time for effects/loops/bpm counter for effects)
  • The EQ´s can be changed to Isolators or Filters
  • Each channel automatically adjust their FX and loops to the BPM of the music
Some things I have noticed that isnt so great...
  • It would be nice to be able to route the effects to another channel instead of the dry/wet (This means you cannot have the effect on intense but quiet at the same time)
  • It only has 4 channels compared to the 6 available on the xone 92 (Maybe the factor that will stop me switching mixers to this one)
Forgetting all the specifications, I´ll obviously make my decision once Ive played with one for a few hours. I like the idea of the individual filters aswell as the two filters on the side. Some sick bass drops could be made from this but it has to be something very special to beat the 92. I feel you can give so much personality through the 92 and this for me is top priorty before effects and filtered eqs.

September 27, 2010

Ruffage Sessions

Massive shout out for these guys from Leeds, UK. Ramadanman, Ben UFO and Pangaea. The online radio show ¨The Ruffage Sessions¨ they did for a few years was always a high quality mixture of very upfront dubstep, house and techno. The Ruffage sessions was a major influence for me, not only musically - as this is where I heard alot of the early tracks from Ramadanman, F, Joy Orbison and Pangaea, but also one of the biggest inspirations that originally got bambam off the ground. I knew I needed a way of spreading exciting electronic music to people around the world and these guys were doing the same but in their own way.

I´ve dug out the recording of the final show from earlier this year which was a four hour show and snuck a tracklist out for the tunespotters..   (I´ll get it on soundcloud in next few days)

1. Floating Points - People's Potential [Forthcoming]
2. Instra:mental - Let's Talk [Unreleased]
3. Andrés - Take Off [Moods and Grooves]
4. Wbeeza - All Those Beats [Third Ear]
5. Burial and Four Tet - Moth [Text]
6. Levon Vincent - Late Night Jam [Ostgut Ton]
7. DV8 - This Beat Is Over [Strictly Rhythm]
8. ? - Blue [Unreleased]
9. Zombie Disco Squad - The Cursed [Made To Play]
10. Rhythm and Sound - Why? [Burial mix]
11. Osunlade - Stomp [Strictly Rhythm]
12. Sole Fusion - Bass Tone (Underground Network mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
13. Scratcha DVA - Ganja [Forthcoming Hyperdub]
14. SCB - 3 5 [Unreleased]
15. Omar S - Day [FXHE]
16. Royal House - I Can't Quite Understand (Louie's Dub) [Loud House]
17. Shake - Arise [Rush Hour]
18. Jan Driver - Rat Alert [Music Man]
19. Basement Jaxx - Jump n Shout [XL]
20. Keith Worthy - Deep For Dayz [Sistrum]
21. Tonya Renee - About You (Karizma Deephubdub) [Home]
22. A Made Up Sound - Sun Touch [Unreleased]
23. Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Actress remix) [Aus Music]
24. Kim English - Nite Life (Armand Van Helden Retail mix) [Nervous]
25. Todd Edwards - Saved My Life [FFRR]
26. Delphic - Doubt (Kyle Hall remix) [Chimeric]
27. Jam City - What I Think About You [Unreleased]
28. Joy Orbison - GR Etiquette [Unreleased]
29. Untold and Roska - Myth [Unreleased]
30. Moodymann - Freaky Muthafucker [KDJ]
31. Panash - Cheval [Atavisme]
32. Teresa Jenee - Remember [Yoruba]
33. Jeremy Sylvester - Need a Fix [White]
34. Banana Republic - Catch The Feeling (Tuff Jam remix) [Catch]
35. Joy Orbison - Waxes and Wanes [Unreleased]
36. Ramadanman - Mir [Unreleased]
37. Mosca - Gold Bricks, I See You [Fabric]
38. Mr. Majika - Different Lextrix [Forthcoming Numbers]
39. Deadboy - If U Want [Forthcoming Numbers]
40. Shortstuff - Swine Time [Unreleased]
41. Ramadanman - Tempest [Forthcoming Hemlock]
42. Bok Bok - Citizens of the City [Forthcoming Blunted Robots]
43. Randomer and Fife - No Sleep [Unreleased]
44. Addison Groove - Footcrab [Forthcoming Swamp 81]
45. Patty Blingh - Brother (2562 remix) [Ramp]
46. Ramadanman - Glut [Forthcoming Hemlock]
47. Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub [Unreleased]
48. Skream - Skunk Step [Big Apple]
49. Untold - Walk Through Walls [Hemlock]
50. Skream - 2D [Tempa]
51. Loefah - Rufage [DMZ]
52. The Bug - Skenk (Kode 9 remix) [Hyperdub]
53. D1 - Murky [Tempa]
54. Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe (Pinch I Believe In Bassline remix) [Wichita]
55. Mala - Ancient Memories [DMZ]
56. El-B and J Da Flex - When I Fall In Love [White]
57. Joy Orbison - Untitled [Unreleased]
58. Joe - Claptrap [Unreleased]
59. Burial - Wounder [Hyperdub]
60. Lil Wayne - A Millie (Harmonimix) [Forthcoming]
61. Digital Mystikz - Chainba [DMZ]
62. DEA Project - Ghetto Child [DEA]
63. Ramadanman - Leeds Electro [Unreleased]
64. Peverelist - Roll With The Punches [Punch Drunk]
65. Ruff Sqwad - Raw 2 The Core (Vocal) [RS001]
66. Wiley and Danny Weed - Blue Rizla [White]
67. Skream - Midnight Request Line [Tempa]
68. Skream - I (Loefah remix) [Tempa]
69. Mala - Antiwar Dub [DMZ]
70. Pangaea - Memories (Pinch remix) [Unreleased]
71. Joker - Stuck In The System [Earwax]
72. Kavsrave - PClart [Unreleased]
73. Ramadanman - Pitter [Unreleased]
74. Skream - Glamma [Tempa]
75. James Blake - Give A Man A Rod [Forthcoming Hessle Audio]
76. Untold - No One Likes A Smartarse [Hemlock]
77. TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM remix) [Hessle Audio]

September 18, 2010

Bugge Wesseltoft and Henrik Schwarz

Interview from these two very inspiring artists about their new callaboration together..
Double click it to watch full screen

August 17, 2010

Shed - The Traveller

In 2008 we were blown away by Shed´s amazing first album ¨Shedding The Past¨. Two years later and we have the first glimpse at his second album ¨Traveller¨..

¨There can be few people who don’t count Shed –
real name Rene Pawlowitz – among the very best
producers of the contemporary era¨

After being featured in our Artist Tip at the beginning of the year, there is much excitement about his Shed´s second album. He is definitely one of bambam´s top artists at the moment.. Looking forward to hearing the full album at the end of the month!

¨Dancefloor tracks, made for DJ‘s, follow a structure which require a damn perfect dancefloor in your living room in order to adequately absorb that very energy. A good album must offer more than a couple of dancefloor anthems, mixed with some ambient interludes and the obligatory downbeat experiment, it has to be more substantial than a paint-box for your euphoric memories of perfect nights long gone¨

August 05, 2010

News: Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers

Amazing new Album from our friends Mount Kimbie!!

¨Mount Kimbie have opened a portal into the world of post-dubstep, electronic fusion soundscaping¨

¨This is an album of abrupt changes and paradoxes, at once organic and heavily processed, drowsy and yet with moments of eyes-on-stalks urgency, acoustically sweet and electrically charged. It's akin to gently drifting in and out of consciousness on a bus trip, only to be sporadically jolted back into consciousness¨

Heres a few of the tracks..

Other samples can be found and CD bought from Hard Wax

August 03, 2010

Recommended Night - Carl Craig at Ghoa Beach Club 6/8/10

The Ghoa Beach Club is still a venue Im yet to visit.. After numerous names such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Raresh, etc playing there over the Sonar madness period in June, for me the venue seemed to have settled down quite abit recently. This Friday should be an awesome night though with the line-up as follows..

00:00h - 01:30h MOODYMANN
01:30h - 02:30h CARL CRAIG & FRANCHESCO TRISTANO .live!
02:30h - 04:30h STACEY PULLEN
Musically if this doesnt inspire you, I think for those who haven´t been, the venue itself with swimming pool etc included should make for a guaranteed crazy night..

...Inside the tent

August 02, 2010

Barcelona After-Hours

After venue hunting for bambam parties and reading an article in last months Metropolotan magazine it has become even more clear to me how limited the after-hour club scene is in Barcelona. Licencing laws from 2005 has made it so the volume has to be low, the drinks are extra expensive.. not exactly party ingredients!!

Now I'm not planning on starting a mission to bring down the Catalan laws, but I am heavily researching into ways of avoiding such set backs as Barcelona is really missing out! When people are not heading out to clubs until 2am then being asked to leave at 6am!! Some of the very best parties I have been to didn't properly kick off until 7am. Musically DJs can go into the wierd and wonderful and I find the crowd are generally more open. So now there is a new after-hours club just started called El Row which starts at 6am every Sunday being run by the Monegros Festival guys, along with La Nava and La Camara down Poble Nou end of town which are just open until 11am.

Watch this space for bambam parties as I believe after-hours or day events could be the new way forward in Barcelona, either that or underground bunkers or other locations where we equally cannot be found!

July 05, 2010

Labrynth Festival 2010 Japan

Im going to make every effort to get to this festival. Sets I have heard from the previous years together with talk and excitement from people who have been before, makes me believe this 10th year anniversary will be a magical event! Unlike other festivals there is not so many names on the line-up, each artist hand picked and given enough performance time to really get in deep and to give the crowd something very special and unique!

As we get closer to the date I'll start to post mixes of some of the artists on this line-up that is really exciting me

September 18 - September 20

Ticket Info

Early Bird Discount Tickets: 14,000 YEN (May 10 ~ June 20)
Pre-sale Tickets: 16,000 YEN (June 25 ~ )
Parking: 2,000 YEN

Early bird tickets are limited to 500 only. Act fast to avoid disappointment.

Early Bird Discount Tickets are available at Lawson Tickets now!
Lawson Tickets: 0570-084-003
L-CODE : 72837

Total tickets are limited to 2500. This is a pre-sale tickets event only. There will be no tickets sold at the gate.

(If you are traveling from overseas, please contact us at We'll try to take care of our international guests.)

Special "Ticket + Hotel + Free Parking" packages are available for booking here:

Regular pre-sale ticket shop info coming soon...

June 22, 2010

Thankyou everybody!

After this last two weeks full with crazy parties and amazing friends I really haven't had time to get my head together but I want to thank everybody who helped with the Joon Ripple party! Organisers,  DJs, staff, guests, it was an emotional night for me and everybody who was there was so amazing and helped make it what it was! I will add photos for those who didn't make it soon..

With Sonar just passed aswell this has really been one of the most memoral couple of weeks I have ever had! Meeting lots of new people and catching up with old friends, there has been inspiration musically and emotionally coming from every direction!

I am working on a new Liudic concept mix now which shall be the first to kick off the bambam podcast series!

June 08, 2010

Joon Ripple this Friday!

Really looking forward to this! Alot of my favourite people all in one place!!
Going to be a special one.. DJ Timetable to be released shortly..

May 27, 2010


With alot of influences coming from dub in todays electronic music I had to get a mention of these boys on here. Aswell as rhythm and sound, maybe more so, Rod Modell & Stephen Hitchells label echospace was a massive influence for me into deep, atmospheric, dubby music. Every release being a new deeply engrossing dub variation that is some of the most ear pleasing masterpieces I have ever come across!!

 ¨..a sublime configuration of airy, reflective chords and a heaving bassline cushioned by all the space you could imagine¨

I have to mention though, with all the.. not hype.. but increasing attention on the dubby side of techno and electronic music in general, I worry that the whole thing is going to tire itself out and crash. The increasing popularity of dubstep, along with alot of the watered down, more accessable, versions of dubtechno being released, I am worried this will soon have a backlash effect and this sound will be known as the clichéd 2009/2010 sound! Which would be a massive shame because I feel music as subtle and delecate as this should always remain its rightful place within the scene.. in the deep underground, only to be pulled out of the record box now and again for very them rare intimate partys.

If something becomes more and more popular, inevitably people will tire of it and crave an opposite sound to excite them. But as it always has done, musical trends will continue to go round and round in cycles and I find hope in the fact that, through all these trends, the most creatively produced tracks will always hold their own the longest period of time and the absolute best will remain as timeless.. continuing to touch people just as deep in years to come..

May 20, 2010

Recommended Night - Âme playing at Becool 22nd May

¨..Âme and the surrounding Sonar Kollektiv/Innervisions field undoubtedly triggered a true revolution in Deep House a few years ago, not only through their own productions but also thanks to the refreshing records they (and other people such as DJ Dixon) discovered and played. A very warm and melodic sound was brought to life! Sometimes stripped down and dry, sometimes heavily orchestrated and emotive. Deep House, whose image had been somewhat suffering in Europe among younger people, suddenly changed from being reputedly boring "lounge" muzak that many people just smiled at - to utterly fresh and funky dance music, grown up and serious yet forward thinking and playful...¨

.. and forward thinking and playful is what bambam loves best!! Since Dixon played here in Barcelona last year Ive been waiting for these guys to come my way.. Expect to be dancing and smiling!! I´ll get a set on here for the warm up..

May 13, 2010

Bambam presents... Joon Ripple

Right its about time we had a party no? and we plan to do it like no other!! Held in secret location here in Barcelona, we are throwing together a 14 hour party. In memory of Joel Taylor and also a celebration of life, friends and creative music!! For those who didn't know Joel, he was the co-creator of bambam, he was the inspiration that led me to where I am today..

OK, The line-up

Liudic (Bambambcn)
Mr Henry Von (Rekluse, Excentric)
nat nite (Sastango)

KID SUDA (RawFormat/UK)
Nicnac (Fresh Vibes Records)

Junkuhn (Freaked)

Together with various art installations, amazing foods, this one is going to be one memorable event! Tickets are starting at 25 euros per head, that gets you all your food, all drinks are included and transport from the metro to the venue. Get on the facebook group called  "Bambam presents Joon Ripple" or contact me through to get your name down.

I will keep updating as new developments occur!

May 05, 2010

Recommended Event - Matias Aguayo - Friday 7th May

"Matias celebrates his vision of dancemusic, with intensity and sensuality, nights where people dance to dark disco gems, futuristic visions of underground house, nocturnal and groovedriven techno, and obviously lots of unreleased tracks, dancing and singing on top included..."

..and now we have him again playing live in Barcelona! In Raum club Friday 7th May!

Heres a short set by him from last summer to get you in the mood...


April 23, 2010

Making a Ripple - Master at work - Donato Dozzy

Well for a while, we've been delving into music which has been more on the fringes of house and techno, mainly within the bass-centric exploration sounds coming from the Bristol/Berlin axis, but I think it's about time we presented you with a slice of some pure mind-melting, ritualistic Techno from who can only be described as a current master within his field.

"The number of people who were just standing there this night with tears in their eyes says it all. When Donato plays, you can feel so much passion and love and care it could be overwhelming or even painful sometimes... this is why he's so special"

I started to notice Donato Dozzy more and more thanks to the boys across at mnml ssgs. The way they spoke about Dozzy's music and inparticular how they rated his sets so highly, I knew they must had been touched very deep by him at some point. It had been a while since I had heard people talk about somebodys DJing in this way, probably since Richie and Ricardo a few years back. Alot of exciting new artists in the past couple of years but not so many people have been highly rated for their grasp on emotionally exciting a crowd. Especially in the UK Bass and House scene, but the further I read and listened to Dozzy's sets myself the more I started to realise the level to which he has mastered his craft. This is techno in its purest form. So far away from the latest trends, the most experimental beats, this is just techno doing what is does so very well.. bringing everybody back to their primal selves! Them moments on the floor when time makes no sense, you are just being carried by the music, Donato Dozzy seems to have studied this emotion to such a rediculous level and therefore because of this, in Dozzy we trust!! Enjoy..

April 16, 2010

RIP Joel Taylor aka Soassi

Joel Taylor aka Soassi, co-creator of bambam tragically passed away April 1st 2010. His philosophies and creative ideology on music will live on through bambam, through his close friends and all the people he inspired over the years. In his memory I want to share part of a recorded live mix he and I did a couple of years ago. This was an amazing party shared with close friends and one of the best memories I have with Joel! bambam is and always will be about looking forward, capturing new emotions and creative concepts within music but for now I want to look back in order to move forward..

Soassi vs Liudic @ The Towers 2008 by

Obviously different people who knew Joel, knew how much of an inspiration he was. For me he was a teacher, a best friend and above all a true artist. He taught me to follow what I believed in, to inspire others and to keeping progressing, keep learning and becoming a better person for it.

I miss you mate! Rest in peace man..

March 27, 2010

News - Mutek 2010

"Kicking off its second decade as one the globe's premier showcases for cutting-edge electronic music and digital creativity, MUTEK is proud to announce its first confirmed performers for its highly anticipated 11th edition. This year, the influential Montreal institution runs from June 2nd to June 6th, kickstarting Montreal's summer festival season with a program featuring over 100 Canadian and International artists"

Ben Frost
Brandt Brauer Frick
Carl Michael Von H
Dave Aju

DJ Koze
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts
Henrik Schwarz
King Midas Sound
Marson Jules

Matias Aguayo
Moritz von Oswald Trio
Nicolas Jaar
Pépé Bradock

Theo Parrish
Tim Hecker
Vladislav Delay

..More TBC

Even though this is a festival happening the otherside of the globe I thought I'd still give this a mention as I think its a very important part of todays underground electronic music scene. Especially with their newish Micro_Mutek that we've been closely following here in Barcelona, I wouldn't be surprised if they started a festival here in the next couple of years and they are testing the water with their quarterly parties. With a line-up as good as they always have though, I welcome them across. A battle between them and Sonar to hold their titles as showcasing the most cutting-edge artists can only be a good thing and should be a major catalyst in bringing alot more amazing music to our beautiful city!

March 24, 2010

Artist Tip - Peverelist

"I fucking love techno but I'm almost scared to say that... it depends on your interpretation of what techno represents.. but if your interpretation of techno is futurist electronic music, then thats certainly something that I identify with" Peverelist

Peverelist FACT mix  by  bambambcn

I think we all knew, maybe ever since Shackleton's first tracks, that it was only a matter of time until dubstep became the new breeding ground for techno. Well.. any genre that experiments with rhythms, patterns, sound design, while taking the best influences from all music that came before it, techno was always going to become a major part of. And just to be clear, as techno is one of the most misunderstood and misused words I know, I refer to techno as (quoting the late Covert Records as they worded it so perfectly) ¨electronically advanced underground music¨

So, Bambam's endless pursuit for exciting, creative music has lead us to an artist that goes by the name of Peverelist. This new techno, in its dubstep guise, is definitely starting to push that mood of techno that we all love. Ive spoken before, briefly on here, about the music that I have to admit, above all, has to be the most exciting for me. There are some artists making that music at the moment and Peverelist seems to be at the head of his game. This is music that exists for me at the exact crossover point where experimental meets dance-floor. These tracks belong to no genre and can be described as nothing less than art! This music creates life changing moments in sets, people spend their whole lives dedicated to the emotional excitement from this music. This feeling I like to call the "crack" feeling, when your head is blown away but your body cannot stop moving. So you can imagine how excited I was when I started noticing, within the dubstep world, more of this music emerging.

The first time I saw Peverelist was last year in Barcelona at the Bam Festival and was such a pleasure hearing such good music here, (I have to say it; it was so refreshing after hearing such bad music here in Barcelona, especially the dubstep). So the mix at the top of this post is a very recent mix Peverelist has done for Factmag. It really is a glimpse of the future.. enjoy... (Please dont listen to it quiet)

March 14, 2010

Scuba vs SCB mix

Again Scuba makes his way back on to bambam and again he has been a busy man! Featured on bambam earlier as our artist Making a Ripple, he really HAS been... The first half of this mix for RA is as his Scuba alias with his own Bass-Centric Experimentalism and then half way he flips to SCB (his more techno/house project which Im the most excited about!!) Excited enough to be booking my flights on the 26th May to hear him play as SCB in Watergate, Berlin!!

Scuba vs SCB RA Podcast  by  bambambcn

I also want to mention the quarterly label parties Scuba is now putting on called Horst Flush on the KILLASAN sound-system. The first party had the lineup of SCB, Headhunter, Sigha. I didnt make it to this but I heard some really good things from a close friend who said Sigha (another really talented rising artist within the hotflush family) absolutely killed it! From what I've read the next one should be in May..

Also a really interesting insight from the man himself talking very openly and honestly about his album, drum and bass and his attitude towards producing music..

Read (also below, a free dnb track called Process Part 195 by Scuba) Thanks Scuba!

March 07, 2010

Artist Tip: Joy Orbison

Every once in a while a producer comes along who stands out like a bright shining beacon amongst the endless waves of bleak, grey, un-inspiring and un-memorable dancefloor tracks that get released in abundance every day online. This may sound like quite a cynical and generalised comment, and to some extent, it is. But, even though I often like the whole 'functional tool - the sums are bigger than their parts' approach to DJ'ing, I really have been scratching my head for quite some time over the last few years, asking myself; whether it be in clubs or even at home listening to sets etc...."when was the last time I heard an anthem?". You must know, one of those hairs on the back of neck, everyone unites in the club anthems.

Well let me explain a little bit about the guy behind one of those rare anthems..The story to the rise of the 22 year old producer and DJ from Croydon 'Joy Orbison' really began when Ben Ufo, the DJ and label boss of Hessle Audio (in my opinion one of the most forward thinking Bass music labels at the moment), ended one of his consistantly amazing recorded promo sets with the now number 1 track of 2009 (as voted by Fact Magazine) 'Hyph Mngo'. Ben Ufo is another guy I will talk about soon on here, but for now let's get back to some Joy.

Anyway this was the one track which stood out by a mile and had all Ben's fellow crew asking for copies within days of it dropping. With other big guns like Scuba, Appleblim and Peverelist all dropping this track left right and centre, it didnt take long to reach super hype status and reach the airwaves of all the major electronic music radio shows and online music mags. And it didn't take long for Scuba to snap this up on his label 'Hotflush', which then released it later in the year.

I must admit, when I first heard this track last year, I was quite reluctant to like it, because I really do hate hype. I even heard it dropped by Peverlist at the Bam festival here in Barcelona last year and even though it was an amazing set and the track really did sound big on that system, I was still quite wary of getting into it, just because it was being hyped so much. 

However as with most major anthems, sooner or later they grab you, and it really does get to a point where you just can't deny that this is just a massive massive track which really does provoke an amazing reaction on any dancefloor. What I love about this track, is that it really does transcend genre boundaries. You've had everyone from the house heads, techno boffs, garage boys and dubstep massive playing it, as it really doesn't quite sit perfectly in any of those fields, it's just very high quality, amazing dance music.

Right then, enough about Hyph Mngo, lets move onto the real end of the producer, because as we all know, lots of people in the past have had huge anthems, but have failed to live up to the hype after. I've been very interested in the progress of Mr Orbison since and have made it a priority to check out his new releases. And guess what....the guy is on it! He really has shown his production finesse with his follow up tracks. his latest release on the AUS label is an absolute gem of an EP which I seriously recommend you check out. The title track definitely has a more subtle feel to it than Hyph, but again the use of his snyths to create those warm textures and also the slickness and bounciness of his beat programming is again of the highest order. On a big system this will make even the most cynical of chinstrokers dance. However for me personally, its the B-side which really shines here. It has a more experimental approach to it's beat programming and track structure but it twists and turns like nothing I have heard in quite some time. Going from futuristic spaced out vibes, to deep house moods and back again all in the space of minutes, and a phat bass stab just to tickle the stomach along the way.

Again, as with most of the BamBam tips on here, I've posted a selection of my favourite Joy Orbison tracks for you to check out. And if this is something your feeling, I strongly recommend you purchase these tracks and be sure to keep an ear to the ground for some of his future works, because I've heard a few more future releases recently and they are taking it another step up. He's also playing at Sonar this year so if your about for the festival, again I can't recommend enough that you check him out!

The BIG one.....not much needs to be said about this, other than if your not familiar with this track yet, then turn this up loud, because it really is something special. The way the synths rise and dip throughout the track, the melody shift in the second half and of course, those beats!

An amazingly deep, sexy and slick version of the already massive track by Four Tet, 'Love Cry'. I heard Four Tet drop this in Barcelona a while back and it really did sound so crisp and sweet whilst loud, and it really does show the current sonic range that he has on offer at the moment.

Perhaps my favourite track by him at the moment. I just love the contrast between the futuristic spaced out elements and the classic deep house vocal's and vibe throughout the track. Definitely on a more experimental tip, but still highly danceable.

The more subtle, refined answer to Hyph Mngo, but hey this doesn't need to be a massive anthem, this is just high quality, highly emotive and danceable music from the man. Again, the synths are beautiful and the rhythms are so bouncy and danceable, amazing stuff.

March 01, 2010

News: Mount Kimbie liveset

Following on from the Making A Ripple article we had last month, we have a liveset for you.. Mount Kimbie recorded live from the RMBA session at Manchester's Deaf Institute in January. Full of experimental rhythms that lend themselves to the fringes of dubstep, wonky and hiphop but that ooze so much emotion, that with the echoing ambient soundscapes, this will take you to an entirely different place..!! Enjoy...

February 28, 2010

Sonar Update

Alot more artists have been confirmed now for this years Sonar. Click on each name for a quick introduction video for each artist.

The Chemical BrothersAirLCD SoundsystemPlastikmanJónsiDizzee Rascal2manydjsBooka ShadeHot ChipFuck ButtonsAeroplaneKing Midas SoundBroadcastThe Sugarhill GangMatthew Herbert's One Club,Flying LotusPete TongJoy OrbisonZombyRoskaNecro DeathmortMary Anne HobbsDavid MJohn Talabot,BradienSpeech DebelleEmilio JoséUffieJimi Tenor & Kabu KabuHudson MohawkeCarte Blanche (DJ Mehdi & Riton)Nosaj Thing Visual ShowDeloreanThe Pinker TonesNoaipreSandwell DistrictbRUNABomba EstéreoCora NovoaClusterMike SlottBCN 216 + Tristan PerichBflechaThe Slew featuring Kid KoalaEclair Fifi & John ComputerMachinedrumAmerican MenThe BlessingsElektro GuzziZigmatdp-SLesley Flanigan,BCN216 + Cristian VogelRobot KochLaryttaRound Table KnightsGoldielocksTim and Puma Mimi,

And if your only thinking of maybe doing one or two of the official Sonar parties click here for details on who is playing when. Also as soon as some off-sonar parties come to light, I'll get them on here. Keep an eye out for a special BAMBAM party aswell..