November 04, 2010

In-Edit Beefeater Music Film Festival

Now in its 7th year.. this music film festival, happening in Barcelona this week, is going from strength to strength! With so many documentaries from every side of the musical spectrum there will definitely be something to keep any discerning music lover on the edge of their seat!

These documentaries cover legends from Depeche Mode to the Doors, John Lennon to Brian Eno. It also shows films giving an insight into important movements in musical history like the Notting Hill Carnival and the roots of Soul music.

One cheeky film which we will definitely be attending is entitled "High on Hope". This film shows the highs and lows of the Rave revolution that kicked off in the UK in the late 80s.. heres the trailer..

"This is the vibrant and definitive documentary of the underground rave revolution, as revealed by its anonymous heroes (housewives, workers, dealers and DJs); of the turning point when acid house ceased to be a local underground phenomenon and became a worldwide cultural explosion"

Tickets are only €6 per film
The Central Box Office has changed location. It's now at Calle Muntaner, 24

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  1. Really enjoyed this festival.. Missed the high on hope film though :(