January 10, 2010

Artist Tip - Shed aka Wax, EQD, STP, Deuce (with Dettman)

"Shed's numerous 12"s for his own Soloaction imprint, and a succession of tracks on Styrax Leaves, Delsin, Ostgut Ton, alongside a number of anonymous club tools for Hardwax, have become the purest source of Berlin engineered Detroit techno available" - Boomkat

The track above, The Lower Upside down, is one of my favorites off Shed's amazing album Shedding the Past from 2008 and is perfect example of the ambience and beauty that Shed can create in his music. Heres a link to here the whole album.. Shed - Shedding The Past

Being one of the staff at Berlin's famous record store hardwax, Shed has always had a close relationship with electronic music and has been releasing music since 2004. Its in the last two years though, where I think he has really raised the standard.

I had the pleasure of seeing him play at the Hardwax 20th Anniversary party in Berlin and judging from that, it seems he has a lot more amazing music coming for us also.. Not only that but two big tracks of the night for me were both sides of his Wax 20002 release.. which was a big reminder that this guy knows exactly what he is doing and also how much his music comes to life on a big system! Heres one of the tracks..

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