October 26, 2010

Artist Tip: Ramadanman / Pearson Sound

Long overdue for a mention on bambam!! 20 year old David Kennedy aka Ramadanman is quickly becoming one of my favourite producers on the planet. His stripped down rhythms that exist somehow between house and dubstep show off his obsession and mastery of sound quality! I love this kind of open music, no matter what bpm, this can be mixed so freely with other music and can be played with so much! The rhythms dance around other tracks playfully whilest still having them bassy beats that can rip through any soundsystem. So dancable and so clear it sounds like high definition sound - Its an honour to mix such tracks, thank you Ramadanman! Here are some of my fave's. The first two some more 4x4 pieces and the last two abit faster and more dubsteppy!  

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