March 27, 2010

News - Mutek 2010

"Kicking off its second decade as one the globe's premier showcases for cutting-edge electronic music and digital creativity, MUTEK is proud to announce its first confirmed performers for its highly anticipated 11th edition. This year, the influential Montreal institution runs from June 2nd to June 6th, kickstarting Montreal's summer festival season with a program featuring over 100 Canadian and International artists"

Ben Frost
Brandt Brauer Frick
Carl Michael Von H
Dave Aju

DJ Koze
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts
Henrik Schwarz
King Midas Sound
Marson Jules

Matias Aguayo
Moritz von Oswald Trio
Nicolas Jaar
Pépé Bradock

Theo Parrish
Tim Hecker
Vladislav Delay

..More TBC

Even though this is a festival happening the otherside of the globe I thought I'd still give this a mention as I think its a very important part of todays underground electronic music scene. Especially with their newish Micro_Mutek that we've been closely following here in Barcelona, I wouldn't be surprised if they started a festival here in the next couple of years and they are testing the water with their quarterly parties. With a line-up as good as they always have though, I welcome them across. A battle between them and Sonar to hold their titles as showcasing the most cutting-edge artists can only be a good thing and should be a major catalyst in bringing alot more amazing music to our beautiful city!

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