March 24, 2010

Artist Tip - Peverelist

"I fucking love techno but I'm almost scared to say that... it depends on your interpretation of what techno represents.. but if your interpretation of techno is futurist electronic music, then thats certainly something that I identify with" Peverelist

Peverelist FACT mix  by  bambambcn

I think we all knew, maybe ever since Shackleton's first tracks, that it was only a matter of time until dubstep became the new breeding ground for techno. Well.. any genre that experiments with rhythms, patterns, sound design, while taking the best influences from all music that came before it, techno was always going to become a major part of. And just to be clear, as techno is one of the most misunderstood and misused words I know, I refer to techno as (quoting the late Covert Records as they worded it so perfectly) ¨electronically advanced underground music¨

So, Bambam's endless pursuit for exciting, creative music has lead us to an artist that goes by the name of Peverelist. This new techno, in its dubstep guise, is definitely starting to push that mood of techno that we all love. Ive spoken before, briefly on here, about the music that I have to admit, above all, has to be the most exciting for me. There are some artists making that music at the moment and Peverelist seems to be at the head of his game. This is music that exists for me at the exact crossover point where experimental meets dance-floor. These tracks belong to no genre and can be described as nothing less than art! This music creates life changing moments in sets, people spend their whole lives dedicated to the emotional excitement from this music. This feeling I like to call the "crack" feeling, when your head is blown away but your body cannot stop moving. So you can imagine how excited I was when I started noticing, within the dubstep world, more of this music emerging.

The first time I saw Peverelist was last year in Barcelona at the Bam Festival and was such a pleasure hearing such good music here, (I have to say it; it was so refreshing after hearing such bad music here in Barcelona, especially the dubstep). So the mix at the top of this post is a very recent mix Peverelist has done for Factmag. It really is a glimpse of the future.. enjoy... (Please dont listen to it quiet)

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  1. Awesome! Peverelist is on seriously on it!!