October 01, 2010

Allen & Heath new Xone Revealed: DB4

I think anybody else who fell in love with the original xone 92 has to share my feeling of excitement along with alot of skepticism when finding out about the new xone mixer was being released. Allen and Heath are yet to release full details but from what Ive read from other sources the best new features are..

  • 4 Sends/Returns (This is probably my favourite as Ive been wanting more than 2 sends on the mixer for some time for effects/loops/bpm counter for effects)
  • The EQ´s can be changed to Isolators or Filters
  • Each channel automatically adjust their FX and loops to the BPM of the music
Some things I have noticed that isnt so great...
  • It would be nice to be able to route the effects to another channel instead of the dry/wet (This means you cannot have the effect on intense but quiet at the same time)
  • It only has 4 channels compared to the 6 available on the xone 92 (Maybe the factor that will stop me switching mixers to this one)
Forgetting all the specifications, I´ll obviously make my decision once Ive played with one for a few hours. I like the idea of the individual filters aswell as the two filters on the side. Some sick bass drops could be made from this but it has to be something very special to beat the 92. I feel you can give so much personality through the 92 and this for me is top priorty before effects and filtered eqs.

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