April 16, 2010

RIP Joel Taylor aka Soassi

Joel Taylor aka Soassi, co-creator of bambam tragically passed away April 1st 2010. His philosophies and creative ideology on music will live on through bambam, through his close friends and all the people he inspired over the years. In his memory I want to share part of a recorded live mix he and I did a couple of years ago. This was an amazing party shared with close friends and one of the best memories I have with Joel! bambam is and always will be about looking forward, capturing new emotions and creative concepts within music but for now I want to look back in order to move forward..

Soassi vs Liudic @ The Towers 2008 by bambam.bcn

Obviously different people who knew Joel, knew how much of an inspiration he was. For me he was a teacher, a best friend and above all a true artist. He taught me to follow what I believed in, to inspire others and to keeping progressing, keep learning and becoming a better person for it.

I miss you mate! Rest in peace man..


  1. we are here cos we want to be with him and keep his memory alive. keep on!

  2. Absolutely love Joel to pieces and such a talented guy. He single handedly changed my view on electronic music for the better. Love the recommendations on Bambam. Here's a recommendation from me to the wonderful world of Bambam... check out Worriedaboutsatan. I stumbled across them playing a live set a few months ago and loved them. I think it's something that Joel might've liked. Rob Pruszak.