December 13, 2009

Making a Ripple: Scuba (SCB)

Founder of the amazing Hotflush label, this guy has had a serious year. One of the genre pushers who's been thoroughly exploring the realms of the Dubstep/Techno crossover and a key figure in the B2B or Berlin Bristol axis as some people may know. To cut along story short about the Berlin Bristol axis, it's basically a group of producers, mainly from Bristol who have been producing 'Dubstep' which doesn't quite sit within the genre (Shackleton is another example - but that's another story!) but have been plopped in there anyway as it's only place the music can fit. But these guys (many long term fans of Techno) have been exploring the idea's of using Detroit Techno, Chicago House and other sounds as influences within the Dubstep palette. Through releasing tracks which have been picked up by the crew over at the Hard Wax record store in Berlin, they have built a strong relationship with the guys at Hardwax and thus have created this Berlin Bristol mashup. The tracks tend to be more stripped down and more focused on rhythmical experimentation and clever use of space within sounds whilst still evolving around some serious sub base. Scuba is one of the leading figures of this sound at the moment has has done some sick mixes this year to showcase it.

But for me personally, the most interesting thing about these guys at the moment is their bravery in mixing things up in their sets. There not afraid to hop between old and new house, techno, acid, even the odd Pink Floyd or as displayed in the opening of Scuba's Hotflush podcast, one of the tracks from the Alien movie. And in my opinion in a time where the scene is saturated with 2 hour set safety DJ's who are afraid to take things down and back up again, this is a welcome movement.

He's currently running a night in Berlin at the Berghain club on a Friday called 'Sub:Stance', which I'm yet to go to but it's on the top of my 'to go' list that's for sure. Another equally as interesting Alias of his at the moment is called SCB, which is basically flipping the concept upside down. The way I perceive it, is Scuba is playing the more Dubstep end (mainly because of tempo) which has heavy House/Techno influences, where as SCB is more straight up House/Techno but its taking many influences and sounds from the Dubstep side. Anyway enough ramblings, check out both sides for yourself....

Podcast 03 – Scuba (RIght click and save as to download)

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