May 27, 2010


With alot of influences coming from dub in todays electronic music I had to get a mention of these boys on here. Aswell as rhythm and sound, maybe more so, Rod Modell & Stephen Hitchells label echospace was a massive influence for me into deep, atmospheric, dubby music. Every release being a new deeply engrossing dub variation that is some of the most ear pleasing masterpieces I have ever come across!!

 ¨..a sublime configuration of airy, reflective chords and a heaving bassline cushioned by all the space you could imagine¨

I have to mention though, with all the.. not hype.. but increasing attention on the dubby side of techno and electronic music in general, I worry that the whole thing is going to tire itself out and crash. The increasing popularity of dubstep, along with alot of the watered down, more accessable, versions of dubtechno being released, I am worried this will soon have a backlash effect and this sound will be known as the clichéd 2009/2010 sound! Which would be a massive shame because I feel music as subtle and delecate as this should always remain its rightful place within the scene.. in the deep underground, only to be pulled out of the record box now and again for very them rare intimate partys.

If something becomes more and more popular, inevitably people will tire of it and crave an opposite sound to excite them. But as it always has done, musical trends will continue to go round and round in cycles and I find hope in the fact that, through all these trends, the most creatively produced tracks will always hold their own the longest period of time and the absolute best will remain as timeless.. continuing to touch people just as deep in years to come..

May 20, 2010

Recommended Night - Âme playing at Becool 22nd May

¨..Âme and the surrounding Sonar Kollektiv/Innervisions field undoubtedly triggered a true revolution in Deep House a few years ago, not only through their own productions but also thanks to the refreshing records they (and other people such as DJ Dixon) discovered and played. A very warm and melodic sound was brought to life! Sometimes stripped down and dry, sometimes heavily orchestrated and emotive. Deep House, whose image had been somewhat suffering in Europe among younger people, suddenly changed from being reputedly boring "lounge" muzak that many people just smiled at - to utterly fresh and funky dance music, grown up and serious yet forward thinking and playful...¨

.. and forward thinking and playful is what bambam loves best!! Since Dixon played here in Barcelona last year Ive been waiting for these guys to come my way.. Expect to be dancing and smiling!! I´ll get a set on here for the warm up..

May 13, 2010

Bambam presents... Joon Ripple

Right its about time we had a party no? and we plan to do it like no other!! Held in secret location here in Barcelona, we are throwing together a 14 hour party. In memory of Joel Taylor and also a celebration of life, friends and creative music!! For those who didn't know Joel, he was the co-creator of bambam, he was the inspiration that led me to where I am today..

OK, The line-up

Liudic (Bambambcn)
Mr Henry Von (Rekluse, Excentric)
nat nite (Sastango)

KID SUDA (RawFormat/UK)
Nicnac (Fresh Vibes Records)

Junkuhn (Freaked)

Together with various art installations, amazing foods, this one is going to be one memorable event! Tickets are starting at 25 euros per head, that gets you all your food, all drinks are included and transport from the metro to the venue. Get on the facebook group called  "Bambam presents Joon Ripple" or contact me through to get your name down.

I will keep updating as new developments occur!

May 05, 2010

Recommended Event - Matias Aguayo - Friday 7th May

"Matias celebrates his vision of dancemusic, with intensity and sensuality, nights where people dance to dark disco gems, futuristic visions of underground house, nocturnal and groovedriven techno, and obviously lots of unreleased tracks, dancing and singing on top included..."

..and now we have him again playing live in Barcelona! In Raum club Friday 7th May!

Heres a short set by him from last summer to get you in the mood...