April 23, 2010

Making a Ripple - Master at work - Donato Dozzy

Well for a while, we've been delving into music which has been more on the fringes of house and techno, mainly within the bass-centric exploration sounds coming from the Bristol/Berlin axis, but I think it's about time we presented you with a slice of some pure mind-melting, ritualistic Techno from who can only be described as a current master within his field.

"The number of people who were just standing there this night with tears in their eyes says it all. When Donato plays, you can feel so much passion and love and care it could be overwhelming or even painful sometimes... this is why he's so special"


I started to notice Donato Dozzy more and more thanks to the boys across at mnml ssgs. The way they spoke about Dozzy's music and inparticular how they rated his sets so highly, I knew they must had been touched very deep by him at some point. It had been a while since I had heard people talk about somebodys DJing in this way, probably since Richie and Ricardo a few years back. Alot of exciting new artists in the past couple of years but not so many people have been highly rated for their grasp on emotionally exciting a crowd. Especially in the UK Bass and House scene, but the further I read and listened to Dozzy's sets myself the more I started to realise the level to which he has mastered his craft. This is techno in its purest form. So far away from the latest trends, the most experimental beats, this is just techno doing what is does so very well.. bringing everybody back to their primal selves! Them moments on the floor when time makes no sense, you are just being carried by the music, Donato Dozzy seems to have studied this emotion to such a rediculous level and therefore because of this, in Dozzy we trust!! Enjoy..

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