December 13, 2009

Making a Ripple - Matias Aguayo

I had the pleasure of seeing the man at Club Apollo in BCN a few weeks back with Michael Mayer. To be honest I hadn't really followed him much since his early days on Kompakt, with his more minimalist melodic style. However after a recent 14tracks selection of the man, I decided to buy his new album called 'Ay Ay Ay' which I have been very impressed with. In my opinion, it's somewhere in between House, Techno and Punk. His style at the moment definitely has that rough round the edges raw vibe to it, and much like his titled 'minimal' track it's obviously a direction which has been fueled by the rebellion of all things sterile and clean within the 'minimal' domination over the last few years. What I like about this though however is the fact he's not just making fuller louder sounds purely to rebel against minimal like much of the soulless loopy 'House' which has flooded the market over the last few years (I mean it's still 'minimal' anyway, expect replace the glitches and bleeps with sampled bongo's and the white noise and plug in vst's with classic chord stabs and classic soul vocals and voila, the 'sound of now'). Back on topic, no this guy has a very clever rebellion, this is some future live House and Techno shit with very clever live elements and arrangements. The guy had a shaker and was beat-boxing and still managed to make it look cool as fuck and sexy as hell.

What I like about his live vocals and beat-boxing is that he used them not in the standard format, but in a very sutle way to create textures and rhythms which heightened the groove and flow of his tracks during the mix. For all people who haven't seen him yet, be sure to check one of his gigs soon and for those who haven't even heard him, check out the links below. One is his new album 'Ay Ay Ay' and the other is a selection of tracks on

 Matias Aguayo - Ay Ay Ay

Recommended album track - Rollerskate -

Recommended selection track - Walter Neff

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