August 17, 2010

Shed - The Traveller

In 2008 we were blown away by Shed´s amazing first album ¨Shedding The Past¨. Two years later and we have the first glimpse at his second album ¨Traveller¨..

¨There can be few people who don’t count Shed –
real name Rene Pawlowitz – among the very best
producers of the contemporary era¨

After being featured in our Artist Tip at the beginning of the year, there is much excitement about his Shed´s second album. He is definitely one of bambam´s top artists at the moment.. Looking forward to hearing the full album at the end of the month!

¨Dancefloor tracks, made for DJ‘s, follow a structure which require a damn perfect dancefloor in your living room in order to adequately absorb that very energy. A good album must offer more than a couple of dancefloor anthems, mixed with some ambient interludes and the obligatory downbeat experiment, it has to be more substantial than a paint-box for your euphoric memories of perfect nights long gone¨

August 05, 2010

News: Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers

Amazing new Album from our friends Mount Kimbie!!

¨Mount Kimbie have opened a portal into the world of post-dubstep, electronic fusion soundscaping¨

¨This is an album of abrupt changes and paradoxes, at once organic and heavily processed, drowsy and yet with moments of eyes-on-stalks urgency, acoustically sweet and electrically charged. It's akin to gently drifting in and out of consciousness on a bus trip, only to be sporadically jolted back into consciousness¨

Heres a few of the tracks..

Other samples can be found and CD bought from Hard Wax

August 03, 2010

Recommended Night - Carl Craig at Ghoa Beach Club 6/8/10

The Ghoa Beach Club is still a venue Im yet to visit.. After numerous names such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Raresh, etc playing there over the Sonar madness period in June, for me the venue seemed to have settled down quite abit recently. This Friday should be an awesome night though with the line-up as follows..

00:00h - 01:30h MOODYMANN
01:30h - 02:30h CARL CRAIG & FRANCHESCO TRISTANO .live!
02:30h - 04:30h STACEY PULLEN
Musically if this doesnt inspire you, I think for those who haven´t been, the venue itself with swimming pool etc included should make for a guaranteed crazy night..

...Inside the tent

August 02, 2010

Barcelona After-Hours

After venue hunting for bambam parties and reading an article in last months Metropolotan magazine it has become even more clear to me how limited the after-hour club scene is in Barcelona. Licencing laws from 2005 has made it so the volume has to be low, the drinks are extra expensive.. not exactly party ingredients!!

Now I'm not planning on starting a mission to bring down the Catalan laws, but I am heavily researching into ways of avoiding such set backs as Barcelona is really missing out! When people are not heading out to clubs until 2am then being asked to leave at 6am!! Some of the very best parties I have been to didn't properly kick off until 7am. Musically DJs can go into the wierd and wonderful and I find the crowd are generally more open. So now there is a new after-hours club just started called El Row which starts at 6am every Sunday being run by the Monegros Festival guys, along with La Nava and La Camara down Poble Nou end of town which are just open until 11am.

Watch this space for bambam parties as I believe after-hours or day events could be the new way forward in Barcelona, either that or underground bunkers or other locations where we equally cannot be found!