October 23, 2010

Fabric 55 - Shackleton live

"Details have been unveiled for Fabric 55, this time featuring a live set by acclaimed producer Shackleton.
Since his early records on the now-defunct Skull Disco imprint (which he founded with Appleblim in 2005), Shackleton has been at the vanguard of UK bass music. His dark, often tribal sound evades simple categorization, but as with contemporaries like Burial and Kode9, he is frequently described as dubstep. But much in his catalog suggests something different: his most recent album 3 EPs was released on esteemed modern house imprint Perlon, and two of his most loved tracks were remixes for and by Ricardo Villalobos ("Minimoonstar" and "Blood On My Hands," respectively).

With Fabric 55, Shackleton again joins ranks with Villalobos by delivering a set of entirely his own material. According to a press release, the mix was tailored with the London nightclub in mind, and in fact specifically recalls a recent live performance in Room 1. Shackleton explains: “With the mix I’ve made, I have tried to make a set that would best represent the set I played on that night [at fabric], but minus the mistakes. Some of the tracks are re-jigged versions of older material, some of them are new. Some of them will never see a release in any form aside from this. Some of them are not even tracks just coincidental parts merging with each other between tracks. Those are the best bits actually."

I'll post samples as soon as available! Cant wait to hear, last time i heard shackleton live it he was unbelievable! You can tell he produces his tracks with the dancefloor in mind, relentless hypnotic snake chalmer like rhythms and heavy bass! bliss!

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