August 02, 2010

Barcelona After-Hours

After venue hunting for bambam parties and reading an article in last months Metropolotan magazine it has become even more clear to me how limited the after-hour club scene is in Barcelona. Licencing laws from 2005 has made it so the volume has to be low, the drinks are extra expensive.. not exactly party ingredients!!

Now I'm not planning on starting a mission to bring down the Catalan laws, but I am heavily researching into ways of avoiding such set backs as Barcelona is really missing out! When people are not heading out to clubs until 2am then being asked to leave at 6am!! Some of the very best parties I have been to didn't properly kick off until 7am. Musically DJs can go into the wierd and wonderful and I find the crowd are generally more open. So now there is a new after-hours club just started called El Row which starts at 6am every Sunday being run by the Monegros Festival guys, along with La Nava and La Camara down Poble Nou end of town which are just open until 11am.

Watch this space for bambam parties as I believe after-hours or day events could be the new way forward in Barcelona, either that or underground bunkers or other locations where we equally cannot be found!

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