March 14, 2010

Scuba vs SCB mix

Again Scuba makes his way back on to bambam and again he has been a busy man! Featured on bambam earlier as our artist Making a Ripple, he really HAS been... The first half of this mix for RA is as his Scuba alias with his own Bass-Centric Experimentalism and then half way he flips to SCB (his more techno/house project which Im the most excited about!!) Excited enough to be booking my flights on the 26th May to hear him play as SCB in Watergate, Berlin!!

Scuba vs SCB RA Podcast  by  bambambcn

I also want to mention the quarterly label parties Scuba is now putting on called Horst Flush on the KILLASAN sound-system. The first party had the lineup of SCB, Headhunter, Sigha. I didnt make it to this but I heard some really good things from a close friend who said Sigha (another really talented rising artist within the hotflush family) absolutely killed it! From what I've read the next one should be in May..

Also a really interesting insight from the man himself talking very openly and honestly about his album, drum and bass and his attitude towards producing music..

Read (also below, a free dnb track called Process Part 195 by Scuba) Thanks Scuba!

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  1. WOW! Thankyou for this, I was in the Horst club last month and yes it was amazing!!