August 17, 2010

Shed - The Traveller

In 2008 we were blown away by Shed´s amazing first album ¨Shedding The Past¨. Two years later and we have the first glimpse at his second album ¨Traveller¨..

¨There can be few people who don’t count Shed –
real name Rene Pawlowitz – among the very best
producers of the contemporary era¨

After being featured in our Artist Tip at the beginning of the year, there is much excitement about his Shed´s second album. He is definitely one of bambam´s top artists at the moment.. Looking forward to hearing the full album at the end of the month!

¨Dancefloor tracks, made for DJ‘s, follow a structure which require a damn perfect dancefloor in your living room in order to adequately absorb that very energy. A good album must offer more than a couple of dancefloor anthems, mixed with some ambient interludes and the obligatory downbeat experiment, it has to be more substantial than a paint-box for your euphoric memories of perfect nights long gone¨

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