January 30, 2010

Album Tip! Elemental - Messages From The Void

Huge album! I only just came across this whilst searching for a track in the Shed Fact Mag mix and the name of the track happened to be this guy. Whether intentional or not, the album title really does have some relevance for me. The messages are perhaps his sonic signals which seem to be coming from an unknown place which contains ghosts of various genres, including deep Dub Techno, Post-Garage and a bass-heavy framework all intertwined into some serious machine funk. This album is futuristic, atmospheric and rhythmically daring, whilst having a certain fun and playful charm which is what really grabbed me on first listen. But crazy genre names aside, this gives me that forward-thinking emotion of cutting edge Techno, and for that reason, in my book, it is Techno!

Elemental has been in the production game since 2002, with early releases on Paul Rose Aka Scuba's Hotflush label and has a bonus disc which comes with the CD release of this album, containing his best releases between 2002/2009.

Check out the album HERE and if it's tickling your ear drums, then I seriously recommend a cheeky purchase, because as always, the album really needs to be listened from start to finish in it's entirety, to truly absorb the sonic messages which I being delivered here from Mr Elemental!

Here's one more track which I'm really loving off the album. It's not for the faint hearted, but make sure you either have some good headphones or listen through some decent speakers to get the full spectrum of the standard of production here. Percussion which seems to skid from underneath itself and elements which seem to be only just hanging on for their life until they all unite for brief moments of intense impact. Crazy stuff!

Peace out x

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