January 22, 2010

News: Four Tet - 'There Is Love In You' Album Treat x

There Is Love In You  by  Four Tet

Well.. BamBam would love to share with you a stream of Mr Four Tet's latest Album 'There Is Love In You' because:

A.) It's one of the most beautifully hand-crafted electronic albums to surface in quite some time. And as a friend of mine recently said.. 

"The mastery of his percussive elements blows my mind.... to have that electronic template and those natural sounds fitting in is a feat..props"

Couldn't have been put better I think. 

B.) For the lucky ones going to check him out this week here in Barcelona, its the perfect soundtrack to get you in the mood before you hit the club.

C.) Last but most importantly, Mr Kieren Hebden aka Four Tet has uploaded the whole album to stream for your free listening pleasure! 

Touching on the last point, I think this is really starting to highlight the current transition in the independent music industry which is a huge huge article in itself, which I don't feel at this point to have enough knowledge or in a position to really take on fully. But all I can say is that for those that are really enjoying this album, make sure you show some love and get this on the legal download once released or even pop into the shop to buy (if people still even do that these days?). Or most importantly show some extra love and go and see him live; as we all know, nothing compares to the real thing! Anyway again a bit of a tangent here, so enough of the blabbering, ENJOY!

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  1. listening to it now... and i like it so far!