January 19, 2010

News: Much Love To The Plastic People (Four Tet DJ Mix Dec 2009)

Much Love To The Plastic People (DJ mix December 2009)  by  Four Tet

Following on from the Four Tet Recommended Event, here's a mix by the man himself. It starts off with a bang courtesy of his latest killer outing 'Love Cry' and continues in quality throughout.

Also check out the link below for an interview with Four Tet on Pitchfork which talks about the huge influence that his current residency at 'Plastic People' in London has had on his more recent work and up and coming album, which is due out this month called 'There Is Love in You'

"The rhythms and the techno influence seeped into it naturally. I think it was a combination of what I was doing with Steve Reid and DJing"


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  1. amazing mix!! what the hell is the track after the joy orbison remix of love cry?? sickness!