January 06, 2010

Recommended Site - Boomkat and it's Random Oddities

I can't praise this site enough and for those you haven't used it yet, seriously give it a whirl. For fellow music diggers, especially DJ's, its a little heaven for the people like me who can get stuck in a rut on the more mainstream House & Techno online stores like decks.de. The problem with decks.de is the fact that all of their 'new releases' etc are an exact representation of the 'in sound' of the moment. You never get the sense that your going to find some random little gem which may not quite sit within the tight genre frames in which it's placed. If like me you like things to get a bit wonky and rough round the edges, then Boomkat is the perfect place. It's a very musically eclectic website with recommendations ranging from modern classical soundtracks to Reggae, Downbeat, Soul, House and Techno, but it still manages to have it's own personal vibe. You can hear an album recommendation and you instantly feel it sits with the Boomkat style. Even if your just a music enthusiast then this site will hit all right spots if you have an open mind and lust for things undiscovered or new.

Another great addition which they have added to the site, which I have been following since it's introduction is it's sub site called 14 tracks. It's basically a selection of 14 hand picked tracks with a different theme each time. The theme could be about showing all the different shades of a certain producer or just giving a snapshot of a new genre like that god awfully named 'UK Funky' for example. You can either download the tracks individually or get all the tracks for half price if you buy the selection. It's a great way though of discovering new sounds, artists and scene's. Follow the link below...

http://www.14tracks.com/ Get subscribing!

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