February 02, 2010

Recommended Label - Raster-Noton

"Raster-Notion is a platform — a network covering the overlapping border areas of pop, art and science. emerged from the fusion of the two labels rastermusic and noton (in 1999) they realize music projects, publications and installation works. The common idea behind all releases is an experimental approach — an amalgamation of sound, art and design."

(headphones on...)

I came across Raster-Notion through the artist Alva Noto. It was my first experience of music that can capture the same intense, heady emotions as techno and other rhythmical electronic music solely through use of ambient soundscapes and drones. Some of Alva Noto's ambient music in soo bass heavy and textured it really takes your breathe away and fills the club to such an extent that you have forgot there isnt even a beat. Hitting all the right emotions that keep you locked in! Alva Noto's music is so grounded it comes up from the floor and engulfs everybody on the floor!

As with alot of other ambient and other experimental music Ive always thought alot of it lacks a strong relationship between itself and the listener/crowd. For me, if something is too experimental and is off 'doing its own thing' then it is only experimenting with sounds and not with emotions. Obviously there is a need for this music, alot of new genres are created from ideas first put into this category. But my main interest is in the music where the experimenting crosses over with the people. When those ideas can be translated and understood to the point where the people can be guided into this new world. For me this is where the life-changing magic happens!!

Coming out of the clubs though, anybody looking for colourful, creatively diverse electronica, Rasta-Noton is definitely a label to have a dig through..

Heres the Link to their website which has samples of all their releases and up to date information on up coming events..

I'll end this on one of alto noto's biggest tracks from back in 2007.. enjoy!

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