January 20, 2010

Recommended Event - Red Bull Music Academy (London)

This year the Redbull Music Academy is in London! And trust me, when Redbull Music Academy comes to your city you know about it!! For those unfamiliar The Academy brings new artists from around the world together, from producers to vocalists, DJs and all kinds of musicians. Over 30 days these artists get to meet people in the scene, collaborate on music, share ideas and generally come away from the experience very inspired and a lot more knowledged about the music and their scene in general. Its been going for over ten years now visiting a different city each year. Aswell as this though, while Red Bull Music Academy is around they put on events available to the rest of us that are not part of the academy, infact this year they have promised 30 mind blowing music events in just over 30 days!!! Starting 7th Feb.

The first party they are doing that got my instant attention is at the Royal Festival Hall on Feb 12

"The Red Bull Music Academy's fascination with the genre’s future tangents is a dance that has lasted over a decade now. To further this investigation, the Academy takes over the Royal Festival Hall on February 12, with four collaborative acts who’re currently at the forefront of exploring the grey areas of sci-fi electronics, discoball jazz, neo-classical, laptop soul, and 22ND CENTURY TECHNO"

The line-up consisting of Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano, Moritz von Oswald, Matmos, Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz, and Terre Thaemlitz as DJ Sprinkles.

No doubt about this one, its going to be an unbelievably special musical evening!!

...And if thats not enough for you, on the same night they are bringing one of the biggest dub-based lineups to the club Plan B. Including my favourites of the night Ramadanman and Appleblim that will be playing back to back. These two have been producing some of the most forward thinking bass music of the last couple of years "Expect Dubstep-to-Techno-to-Funky-to-Jungle and back again"

There are many more artists and events still to be confirmed for the other partys. Anybody within reach I cannot recommend enough! The Red Bull Academy Team again have proven how much they are supporting the most creative, advanced music of our time and full respect to everybody that is involved!

Check RedBullMusicAcademyRadio for endless shows of live recordings and interviews from all artists involved.

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