December 13, 2009

Event Review - Deadbeat and Andres Bucci in Barcelona. (Taken from

Event - Soiree Mutek
Venue - Moog Club Barcelona
Line-Up - Deadbeat Live, Andres Bucci Live, Nerone...
Rating - 4.5/5

I was unlucky (and lucky for other reasons) to be back in sunny England at the time so I missed this, but I had a fair few friends who attended and made me even more jealous with their rave reviews. Watch this space though, as according to the grape vine, Mutek will be doing more events here in the near future. I'll give the link to the review below but firstly I want to highlight a paragraph in this review which is very relevant to my personal views of the current state of affairs with electronic music in Barcelona at the moment.

"Mutek, like many others at the grass roots level in Barcelona, have realised that there is a growing gulf between the techno tourists and the big stage sounds of the yearly festival and the so-called "advanced electronic music" they claim to represent. The mood away from the festival is also growing disillusioned as well, with few places for local talent to tout their wares at the bigger clubs that are neither aware enough nor brave enough to consistently push a more "advanced" electronic agenda, bar the occasional night."

It's good to here these words from someone else about Barcelona, as I was beginning to think it was just me and my anal tastes. But I am not anal, I just enjoy good music thrown by passionate people and in terms of what is happening in barcelona (bar a few exceptions) it's pretty non existent at the moment. It's still quite an interesting time though as there is a definite feel in the sinful air of BCN that things are looking up. With underground venues such as La Nave in Poble Nou, run by various passionate music lovers and party organisers, there is definitely a market for nights which have that 'vibe' to re-egnite BCN once more. Let's see what happens ay?

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