December 13, 2009

Artist Tip - The Many Shades of Stephan Laubner...

One of the most unknown prolific producers in the business. Here is a selection on Boomkat's excellent 14tracks site which will show you a vast array of his beautifully crafted electronic expressions ranging from headfuck ambient to lush deep house and techno. One of my all time favorite producers and a true master in his own right....Seminal!

On a party tip check the track 'Something is Raw' by his STL Alias. Pure Cheek! On another note, an example of the beauty of the 14 track selections....even if you know a fair bit about everything, there's always something new you'll discover. I never knew about one of his ambient alias' called 'Lunatik Soundsystem'. Turns out to be beautiful stuff...

Anyway check out the link below and give this guy some love..

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