February 15, 2010

Micro_Mutek Bring dOP to Barcelona

Mutek (one of the worlds most important festivals on the planet for cutting edge electronic music and visual arts) have pulled it out the bag once again!! They are now calling their new Barcelona invasion "Micro_Mutek". First they tested the water by bringing Deadbeat to Barcelona a few months ago, after such good reviews and such a cool party, this month they are throwing three consecutive parties in a row, starting from tomorrow! We're so excited about this at bambam, Ive decided to make our new friend Micro_Mutek another feature of the site so we can keep you updated about all new events they put on. This month though there is one party they are throwing in particular Im really excited about..

The artists I cant wait to see are people we haven't yet spoke about on bambam, "dOP". Ive been following their music for a couple of years, but have always been told with these guys that it's their live performance thats sets them above the rest. Heres an example of the energy these three guys bring to the club..

Also they have DAVID MARDONES providing his groundbreaking interactive installations.
"Play with Motion' lets anyone in the audience interact with the video projections to command them through motion!" I cant wait to see how this works in the club environment!! Heres a quick clip of his visuals in action..

The full Micro_Mutek lineup for these three parties


Soirée MUTEK

SONJA MOONEAR [CH] live, LE K [FR] live

Moog Club, starting midnight


Livesoundtracks and MUTEK.ES present

DRAMA SOCIETY [IT] live reinterpretation of Pasolini's film "Teorema"

+ Photo Expo

Vintage Bar, starting 8pm


AKUFEN [CA] Dj, dOP [FR] live

+ DAVID MARDONES (interactive visuals)

Raum Club, starting midnight


  1. wow dOP and Akufen in one night!
    thats going to be sick!

  2. Haven't been to see dOP before this should be a good one,