April 30, 2011

Bambam podcast

After a very inspiring few weeks off appreciating the beautiful land of Thailand, we´re ready to start the monthly podcast. As always with bambam, our hope is to share exciting music from around the world, purely for enjoyment and to inspire others (to continue to produce amazing music :) ). As there are so many podcasts available online at the moment everyday, we needed a way of making the bambam podcast individual. To accomplish this, we have decided that we are not going to publicly name any of the artists that contribute to the podcasts.

The idea of this is to give our selected artists the freedom to be as creative as they wish within their set, without having the pressure of them having to stick to a certain style or genre that represents their name the most over the internet.

We want the person behind the name, the music lover themselves that play because it is what they love, to show us the music they love and to share it with our listeners! We´re hoping a wider range of people will be able to contribute and a more innovative, spontaneous and broader collection of podcasts will arise from this.

Heres a mix by me, recorded to promote Elefante - I - Picina, to kick things off...

 Liudic's bass therapy mix may 2011

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