February 14, 2011

Recommended Album, 2562 - Fever

Limitation stimulates creativity and Dave Huismann seems to know this..

¨With his own birth year 1979 as the gravitational point. All based on one simple rule: every single sound in the album, from the smallest background shiver to the most obese sub bass, originates from a disco record. No additional synthesizers, drum computers or other sample sources involved.¨

An album made only from samples from old disco records, music made straight for the club! Raw as fuck!! Heres some previews..

2562 - “As a result the album to me feels like a soundtrack to my personal life during the summer in which I made it. I didn’t perform or travel much that time, so it was a very simple life: sampling records, making music, going for a run, watching the World Cup. Enjoying small things. In fact it was the first time writing an album was simply fun.


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