January 11, 2011

¨We meet today.. to thank thee for the era done, And thee for the opening one¨

I want to thank all so much for your support for bambam in 2010! Its been a roller coaster year for myself, after some very difficult times, but then also some amazing memories all in the same year,  i've definitely learned more about myself this last year than i have any other year in my life!

In 2011 we should be starting a podcast series.. im aware of how many podcast series there are online so ive decided once a month.. just as a present for those who follow bambam regularly would be perfect. Im still undecided if to name the artists who create the mix's yet as i think this changes how people listen to music. For me electronic music, especially techno and house, works better as a faceless art as the mystery has always seemed to be a key ingredient but we shall see how it goes.

I hope you all the best for the new year! i wish you happy times and amazing music to follow!